Truck accident at red light, 35 goats dead.

A large truck brakes malfunctioned resulting in a crash at a red light in Kalasin Province. The crash resulted in 35 goats dead and 2 vehicles destroyed. Police Captain Chanathip Srisombun from the Yang Talad Police Station in Kalasin Province received notification about a road accident involving 3 vehicles. This includes a large truck carrying 40 goats, a local’s truck, and a van. There were damaged public goods and 35 goats died in the incident. Officials headed to the accident location right away on 5 July 2023. 



Chayapon Wachara Udomkun from the local Kalasin rescue team along with the team helped make sure those involved in the accident were safe. They also helped organize the traffic and collect vehicle and goat remains. 10 Police officers organized the traffic as traffic was very bad because the light signals had been damaged in the accident. The traffic came to a complete stop for about 1 hour. Witnesses stated that a White Toyota with about 40 goats crashed directly into a White Toyota van. Another vehicle was also affected which was a Bronze truck belonging to a local. The light signal and a street light were also damaged by the accident. 



Malik Wangkli the truck driver carrying the goats stated that he came from Maha Sarakham Province with a final destination of Mukdahan Province. When he arrived at the red light, the signal turned yellow and he tried to brake but it wouldn’t work. He lost control of the truck and crashed into a van. The crash caused his truck to turn left, running into the street light and the signal light. His truck flipped over killing 35 goats in the blink of an eye. The owner of the goats has authorized police to distribute the meat among locals in the area. The driver had just received a fine during the morning of the same day for using a vehicle with a revoked license. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The driver had just been fined in the morning for using a vehicle with a revoked license. 


Source: Khaosod