Truck almost runs over child, driver asks compensation from child’s parents.

A truck ran into a bicycle and almost ran over a child, instead of apologizing and taking responsibility he is now threatening to take action against the child. The driver is asking for compensation from the child’s parents because his tire blew up. A video of the incident was posted on the application TikTok. The truck is seen driving into the bicycle and almost ran over a child on 10 November 2022. The driver never left the vehicle to check if the child was safe and is now threatening the victim’s family. 



Khaosod Online talked to Warapon 28 years old the father on 12 November. The father stated his son named Auto 7 years old went to buy snacks on his bicycle. The son saw the truck and started to move aside to avoid the truck. Still, the truck ran into the bicycle that ended up falling over. The truck was about to crush the child’s head, but a tire blew, and this saved the boy’s life. The child was terrified and started crying. The driver never came down to check if the boy was safe. The father rushed to take his son to the hospital and when he contacted the driver if the vehicle’s insurance would cover the boy’s medical bill. 



The driver simply answered that he wasn’t sure who was in the wrong. Because of this the family had to wait for confirmation that the son could use the school insurance. The son has injuries on his arms, hips, and legs but luckily the injuries are not serious. The father stated to villagers nearby “I am not wrong and will be filing a report with the police as the boy caused my tire to blow up”. Warapon believes the truck driver is wrong because it was inside a village and the boy was driving on the side of the road. The driver lives only one alley away from the victim’s family, but they never talked before. A report has been filed with the police and officials have set a meeting date between both parties on the 14th. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: “I am not wrong and will be filing a report with the police as the boy caused my tire to blow up.”


Source: Khaosod