Prime Minister orders better care for tourists in Phuket.

The story of how tourists in Phuket went to report an incident where the local taxi was overcharging passengers have been heard by the Thai Prime Minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha.


A couple of Australian tourists reported an incident to the police after finding a taxi driver that was overcharging tourists big time. When the tourists arrived in Phuket at the airport, they went to try and find a car to deliver them to their hotel. The driver at the airport informed them that it would cost the tourists 3,000 THB just to get to their hotel. When they heard this, they decided to file a report at the police station as it is the practice of overcharging tourists is extremely unfair.




The Prime Minister stated that the government is doing its best to promote tourism in the country. Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand known by people all over the world, there needs to be special attention focused on Phuket. The more tourists choosing to come to visit Phuket, the better will the economy grow in the area.

If practices of overcharging tourists continue to exist, it will not only affect the tourism in Phuket but also gives a bad reputation to Thailand and its people. The Prime Minister asks for business owners to keep a watch out to stop incidents like this from happening again. Thailand is a beautiful country with kind people, don’t let tourists feel let down when they decide to come here. All Thai’s should welcome tourists and help them create beautiful memories in Thailand. The few that are taking advantage of tourists should be stopped.




The Prime Minister has also informed officials across Thailand to strictly make sure that incidents like this don’t happen again in Thailand.


FB Caption: A couple of Australian tourists reported an incident to the police after finding a taxi driver that tried to charge them 3,000 THB from the airport to their hotel.


Source: INN News