Uighur escapees ‘no longer in Thailand’

EVEN as Songkhla province’s Nathavee court issued arrest warrants for 20 Uighurs who startlingly broke out of an Immigration Center cell before dawn yesterday sources say they have already crossed the border to the neighboring country, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 21.).

The Uighur escapees made a hole in the wall of the cell big enough for a person to get through and then used fabric and a mat which they had tied together to abseil 3 meter down after which they separated and went in different directions.

The remaining 5 Uighurs in the same cell as the escapees are mostly in poor health and were caught by immigration police before they too managed to escape.

Capture uighur

Capture escape 2

Immigration police liaised with other police units, soldiers and administrative officials in tracking down the Uighurs with investigators from Provincial Police Region 9 also spreading out to help search for them but so far there is no trace of them.


Top: The Immigration Center cells in Songkhla’s Sadao district. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: Images of some of the escapees. Photo: Thai News Agency