Village Chief saves 83-year-old from fire.

A local village chief in Chai Nat Province risked his own life and saved a 83-year-old grandmother from fire. Police Captain Ekalak Krainara from the Nong Noi Police station in Chai Nat received notification of a fire in Nong Noi, police notified the Fire Station and the local rescue team before heading to the area at 8.00 on 29 April 2020. As police arrived they saw a 2-story wood home on fire and the fire had already spread to a neighbor’s home.


Firefighters were able to control the fire after over 2 hours with 5 fire trucks. In front of the house was a grandmother in critical condition. Mai Thawieng 83 years old had burns all over her body from the fire. The local rescue team delivered Mai to the Chai Nat Hospital for emergency medical care. There was also another villager injured who showed symptoms of smoke inhalation. Combining both homes, damages are estimated to be over 1 Million THB. Officials think the fire might have started from a combination of hot weather and old electrical wiring.


Somkiat Wongsamut the mayor of the Nong Noi sub-district has donated 10,000 THB of his own money along with a bed, food, and a tent for the fire victims. Somkuan Ornsingha the village chief stated that he received notification of a fire in his village. When he arrived the fire came from the 2nd floor before it started to burn the 1st floor and spread to the neighbor’s house. Mai was covered in the fire on the 1st floor, Somkuan ran inside to rescue the granny. Another man also went in to help and as a result, is suffering from smoke inhalation. Hopefully, Mai will survive the burns, the husband and grandchildren were not home when the fire took place.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The village chief saw the grandmother surrounded by fire on the 1st floor, he ran in and rescued her with another villager.


Source: Sanook