World War III in 2020?

ANOTHER year had passed with many people’s relief thanks to US President Donald Trump and N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un for not losing their mind by going for war but this planet might not be that lucky by 2020, predicted a world political analyst.

In his latest series on his Facebook page under the Thai name “The True Fable of the Legend on Spoof Trick into the Casserole,” he said the US’s plan to become the world’s sole leader has somewhat stumbled during the past two years as it had underestimated the challenge from China and Russia.

“The world power does not rest with the US alone anymore.  The US which considered itself as the world’s dominant power is now being challenged by the new emerging power, China, Russia which does not want to be dictated or destroyed any longer.”

The latest challenge being N. Korea, which its think-tank Rand Corporation said the US has no answer so far.

The US is not ready where armed force is concerned.  It now has only 80,000 soldiers around the Korean peninsula which is considered a small number when combined with 250,000 from Japan and 600,000 from S. Korea as N. Korea alone has over one million soldiers ready for battle.

In addition, China is backing N. Korea, saying it will intervene and stop America if it attacks North Korea first – and will only stay neutral if Kim attacks the US first and the US retaliates and if the US and S. Korea tried to overthrow the N. Korean regime, China will prevent them from doing so while Russia, with massive nuclear power, is most likely to support N. Korea as well.

In fact, the point is not about the number of soldiers any more but it’s about the new weapon technologies and the ability to respond long range into the US territory like what N. Korea has proven to be capable to do so.

This worries the US because the US used to fight the war beyond its territory.  In the last world war, the US waited until almost the last minute and came in to win the war almost unscathed after other parties especially Europe, Germany, Russia and Japan had been in the war for a long period of time, suffering huge damage.

The proxy war in Syria has proven to be the case where the US has under-estimated what Russia is capable to deliver by sending its army to fight there with invitation from Syria.  Russia and Syria eventually won the war against the ISIS (which everyone now knows who support ISIS) and in the end the US has also lost its key ally, Turkey, to Russia.

There has been a test of power in the Middle East with what happened late this year in Yemen and Saudi Arabia (whose airport and palace were hit by long range missiles) and Jerusalem and it has proven clearly as to which side has won.

He therefore pointed out that with such a challenge, the US has to have a new plan to counter such move in whatever means they think possible.

“Many experts I talked to, especially those who are American oriented, thought there would not be World War III because China and Russia will not dare to fight with the US, but I prefer to think the opposite.  Now that the standpoint of both sides remains markedly different, the next world war is possible.  The US may need another two years to do whatever possible to be ready to destroy the challengers,” he said.


Top: Reenactment enthusiasts recreate a battle from World War II on Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas. The show for service members, their families and civilians was a part of the American Heroes celebration. The two-day event was designed to increase the communication and interaction between the local community and the military. Photo: 100th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, photo by Sgt. Josiah Pugh

By Kowit Sanandang