6 tourists injured in fierce Phi Phi island blaze

AN hour-long fire at a community in the middle of Phi Phi island off southern Krabi province last night left 3 Thais and 6 tourists injured in the chaotic scramble to safety, Thai  News Agency reported this morning (Feb. 7).

The fire started at October restaurant at the community, and fanned by strong wind, quickly spread to adjoining buildings with altogether 25 shops, restaurants and residences gutted before it was finally put out an hour later.

Tourists joined locals in fighting the blaze as there was limited equipment and water, with even drinking water used for this purpose.

The foreign tourists who were injured, 3 Argentinians, 2 Brazilians and an Israeli, mostly suffered burns or other injuries as they jumped down from a higher point or chocked on the fumes.

fire 2

Tourist operators on the island have given tourists who no longer have a place to stay rooms to use for free.

Meanwhile, Krabi’s deputy governor Second Lt. Aphinand Phuekphong who reached the scene of the blaze around midnight last night, is back on the island again today together with forensic police to determine the cause of the blaze and hold discussions with units concerned and implement preventive measures.


Top and in-text: The fierce blaze raging at the Phi Phi island community. Photos: Thai News Agency