Win motorbike shootout in front of mall in Samut Prakan.

Two groups of Win motorbikes had a shootout in front of a brand new mall in Samut Prakan Province on 8 September 2020. A Facebook Page named “Samut Prakan News v2” in Thai posted a short video at 18.00 that showed people running inside a market. The gun battle was between 2 groups of win motorbikes fighting over parking locations to set up a Win base. The mall is brand new in Bang Phli District and has been open for only a month. Instead of normal negotiation, the win drivers started shooting at each other. Locals shopping in a market located in front of the mall started running inside for shelter in fear that they would receive a bullet. 


Police from Bang Kaeo Police Station went to inspect the location and found 7 shell casings on the road in front of the mall. The casings have been collected for evidence. The win motorbikes involved in the shootout all disappeared right after the incident. Luckily no one was injured in the incident but a vehicle recived a bullet, the owner went to file a report with the police. Locals who witnessed the shootout stated that the shooters were win motorbike drivers. There were 2 groups who wanted to secure a spot in front of the mall. Win drivers in Thailand are usually in groups parked at a Win station, the drivers in the station have the right to pick up customers in the area. Both groups are illegal win drivers meaning that they havent registered with officials. 


The first win is an old group of drivers stationed across from the mall. The second group are new win drivers who set up a station on the same side of the mall, both groups are parked 50 meters apart. Locals state that the new group started shooting and the old group shot back. Officials have contacted the leader of both groups to bring all win drivers in for a meeting with police at the Bang Kaeo Police Station. The shooters will be prosecuted and the win stations must be registered properly. 



FB Caption: 2 groups of Win motorbike drivers wanted to secure a spot in front of the mall. 


Source: Sanook