Woman attempts to rob gold shop, but they already closed down.

A woman attempted to rob a gold shop but the shop had already closed down for the day and all the gold was already put away. Police have started an investigation in search of the suspect after the attempted robbery on 15 December 2023. Police Major Sanue Janjuti from the Than Yang Police Station in Phetchaburi Province received notification about an attempted gold shop robbery inside a local mall. Officials went to work right away starting with investigating the gold shop. The woman decided to rob a gold shop but did not plan well enough to realize the shop would be closed.



Police arrived to find the gold shop employees standing in front of the gold shop. 5 employees reported that the robber was a tall and slim female. She was wearing a black medical mask and all-black clothes. She was working alone and used a gun wrapped in blue fabric to threaten the employees. The suspect walked into the store, pulled out a gun, and stated “Where is the gold, hand it over or I will shoot. I really don’t want to shoot”.



The suspect then jumped over the shop counter which scared employees even more. Employees started to hide in different corners of the store. The robber started looking for the gold and saw there was none. Finally, she realized the mission failed and she would not be getting away with any gold. The suspect decided to leave and run out the mall door. Thankfully no employees were injured in the incident.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: All the gold was already in the safe and the robber returned empty handed.

Credit: Khaosod