Woman breaks her own finger for insurance money.

A woman had been found to break her own finger in an insurance fraud case. The Crime Suppression Division arrested Nusara 39 year old from Songkhla Province. The woman is wanted by an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court dated 24 December 2021. The case is related to a group responsible for many insurance fraud cases. The group would set up fake incidents to help their customers claim money from insurance companies. When someone is interested to use their services they would register the customer’s name into their own house. Then the group will come up with a story and bring it to life. This includes creating new bank accounts and ATM cards. This is then used as part of information to buy insurance.


Credit: Sanook


They have purchased insurance from 16 companies and 1-2 months later follow their action plan to get the insurance. Some fake situations they have done include fake car accidents and fake burn victim cases. The people would intentionally pour hot water on themselves. The proof would then be filed to the insurance company claiming for money. There is at least 14 Million THB in damages caused by the group. After investigation the Crime Suppression Division collected evidence and filed to the court for an arrest warrant. 16 people were arrested on 27 December 2021 separated into 3 groups. Nusara was one of the suspects who was found hiding in Songkhla Province. 



The suspect admitted she was invited into the group by Sumonrat who is the leader. Sumonrat has already been arrested. The leader invited her to buy insurance and together they came up with a plan. They used sandpaper to rub on the skin imitating injuries caused by falling off a motorbike on the road. She then broke her own finger using a pestle to cause an injury. The suspect went to the hospital and used the evidence as proof in her claims for insurance. She would receive 60,000 THB as payment from the group every time she intentionally injured herself. The police are continuing the investigation to find more related persons. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: They have purchased insurance from 16 companies and 1-2 months later follow their action plan to get the insurance money. 


Source: Sanook