Woman calls 191 over 50 times, but she’s been dead for 15 years.

A woman called 191 over 50 times and when the police investigated who the number belonged to, it turns out that she’s been dead for 15 years. The Dansai Police Station in Loei was notified by the 191 stations of a woman that has been calling 191 all day. The police went to inspect a location and found a drunk woman, but she was still able to communicate. Waruni 51 years old with no home address was the one calling 191 the emergency line. Waruni was furious as the police never came to help her as she asked.


Officials calmed Waruni down and she finally started telling her story. Waruni revealed that she has been declared dead for 15 years. She lives at a small house inside a village and has one child who already graduated from University. There was news in 2005 published reporting that she was stabbed 11 times and died in Chonburi Province. Her name has been removed from the Civil Registration. She was shocked by the information that implied she was supposed to be dead. Waruni has no ID card and no rights left in her name. She can’t get a new ID card and just decided to let the issue pass by.


A neighbor revealed to Sanook that Waruni is telling the truth. She is a dead person with no name in the Civil Registration. Her relatives have tried reporting the issue with the district but they still weren’t able to make her a new ID card, after the incident they’ve let the issue go. Even though Waruni drinks every day, she has a perfect memory and although she is drunk almost all the time, she knows that it wasn’t her who was stabbed 11 times. Orachai Potplat the village chief has accepted the issue and will be working with the Dansai District.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Daruni was on the news in 2005, apparently she was stabbed 11 times and died in Chonburi.


Source: Sanook