Woman shares experience renting 1,500THB/month apartment in Bangkok.

A woman shared her experience living in an apartment priced at 1,500 THB per month. She decided to share her story after another woman revealed she was renting a 6,000 THB apartment room in Bangkok while her salary is 15,000 THB per month. Netizens commented that the woman was living a better life then she could afford. Some understood and agreed that it was very hard to find a safe apartment at a cheap price point in Bangkok.


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A Facebook Page “Meen Khan” shared her story from 2 years ago when she rented a room for 1,500 THB. At that point she had just graduated high school and found a job with a salary of 10,000 THB per month. She decided to take the deal and believed this would help her save money for university. While she was living in the apartment, a man living in a room right across her inserted papers into her room. After the incident, she did not feel like quality of life was good at the apartment. The Facebook page wanted her past experience help people understand why sometimes paying so much for a room is necessary in terms of safety and quality of life.


Credit: Sanook


The first paper stated “Can I have your number? My name is Tong. Your body is so nice. Tell me if you need help. I usually give massages”, a number was written down. Not long after another paper was inserted into a room that stated “Sorry that I scared you. I am sorry. If you are scared, do not be scared. I see that you are alone at night. Call me if you have no friends for fun. I also don’t have any friends to talk to”. The page then stated her experience “That day I learned that the outside world for a woman living alone was like this. Look at the quality of life at a 1,500 THB apartment. Tell your opinions later, not just telling what others should do. I want to throw up”.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: A Facebook Page “Meen Khan” shared her story from 2 years ago when she rented a room for 1,500 THB as response to netizens criticizing those who choose to rent expensive rooms on a tight budget.


Source: Sanook