Woman steals 20 bags of food from 77-year-old seller.

A 77-year-old food vendor was robbed by a woman who ordered 20 bags of food and left without paying. The grandma reveals she is not angry and believes this is pay back for something bad she has done in her past lives. The woman ordered bags of papaya salad, bamboo soup and grilled chicken. When the food was cooked, she stopped by, picked up the bags and left without paying and never returned. The grandma works as a food vendor in Nonthaburi Province. The story was shared online and went viral shortly after. Netizens felt sorry for the grandma and they are amazed how she is still working hard everyday at this age and not angry at the girl for taking advantage.


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Triam Duangkampila 77-year-old sells papaya salad and other Thai dishes for a living. Triam revealed she can’t remember when the incident exactly took place, but it was 4-5 days ago. She was with her food cart as usual when a girl walked over and ordered 10 bags of papaya salad and 10 bags of bamboo soup. Each bag is sold for 20 THB, the total value of 20 bags is at 400 THB. She has never seen the woman before but started to prepare the food for her anyways. When asked why she wanted to buy so much food, the woman just told the grandma all the food was for her employees nearby. The woman then pulled out a 1,000 THB bill but the granny had no change. She started to pick out chicken wings and put them in her bag. Before she waked away the woman turned to grandma and stated she will come back with the money, but it never happened.


Credit: Khaosod


Triam states this is the first time a customer has stolen food from her. The grandma is not mad because she believes in the past life there was something bad that happened and this is the woman taking back from her. Although Triam hopes this is the end of all bad luck in her life. Triam does not want to file a report with the police or press charges against the woman. The grandma also believes the woman must have really needed the free food and was struggling in her personal life, so bad that she had to find a way to get food. Triam has back problems and makes about 200-300 THB per day. Triam admits she wants to work until she cannot do it anymore.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Triam hopes this is the end of all bad luck in her life.


Source: Khaosod