Woman unemployed from Covid, locks herself inside with 30 cats.

A woman became unemployed as a result of Covid-19 and locks herself inside with 30 cats. The mother had contacted the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women for help. Pavena Hongsakul and officials from the foundation visited a home in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The foundation received a message from Pim, the mother of Porn 35 years old. Pim stated that her daughter is unemployed due to Covid and has since returned home with 30 cats. Porn is a smart girl who graduated from a famous university in Thailand. She worked as a tutor and an online flower seller in Bangkok for over 10 years. This was until 2 months ago when her life took a turn. 


Credit: Sanook


Porn moved back home and hired a vehicle to move her 30 Persian cats from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat. Porn had no money and had to leave all her other belongings behind in the big city, Porn used all she had to move back with all her cats. Pim reveals that her daughter loves the cats and couldn’t leave them behind. When she arrived at the single-story home Porn locked herself inside with all the cats, closing all the windows and doors. There are also 6 small dogs living outside the house. Pim has been sleeping outside ever since because she cannot stand the smell from the cat box with no air circulation inside the home. Pim is worried and decides to seek help because the cats are starving to death, Porn does not have money to buy any cat food. Pim is not allowed to enter the home, and the two have always had personal conflicts. 


Pim further explains that she is worried about her daughter who continues to lock herself inside with all the cats and the terrible smell. The mother fears that her daughter will consider suicide as a solution after losing her job and other hopes in life. She hopes that the Pavena Foundation can help save her daughter with access to medical care and to also save the 30 cats from a terrible ending. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Pim is worried and decides to seek help because the cats are starving to death.


Source: Sanook