Young man killed by brother-in-law at Ramkhamhaeng flat

A YOUNG Thai man was shot dead at an apartment in Ramkhamhaeng area last night by his brother-in-law, who first fired 2 shots at the door before pushing it open and killing him on the spot, reported today (May 30).

Policemen from Hua Mark station together with rescuers quickly went to the apartment building in Soi Ramkhamhaeang 87 to investigate, and found Mr Atchariya, 20, lying dead at the doorway of his flat on the 6th floor with a bullet wound in his forehead.

Eyewitnesses told police that before the murder the victim had been drinking beer with 3 friends in his flat,  then the culprit, believed to be his brother-in-law with whom he had earlier quarreled, showed up and fired 2 shots at the door and entered the flat.

The deceased grabbed an ax to fight back but was shot dead at the doorway, with the killer quickly escaping and not harming the others in the flat.

Police have summoned the deceased man’s older sister for questioning to track down this hot-tempered brother-in-law.


Top: The young Thai man lying dead at the doorway of his flat. Photo: