10 Hotels for sale in Ao Nang, Krabi

Ao Nang is now almost an abandoned town with no tourists. There are at least 10 hotels up for sale worth billions of THB. Many businesses and hotels in Ao Nang have shut down because they can no longer carry on without any income. Most hotels up for sale range from 3-5 star hotels, they have decided it is time to move on. Sanook News reported that the local economy in Krabi Province is continuing to go down as the Covid-19 pandemic still continues. Many important tourist attractions in Krabi are empty. From a city that was filled with foreign tourists, the town is now rarely visited, even by local tourists. 


Credit: Sanook


This is especially true for the Ao Nang Beach in the main city of Krabi. The Sanook News Team went to visit the area and found that it was similar to an abandoned town. Where the city was always busy full of tourists and vendors, the town is now empty full of silence. Small and big businesses in the area have shut down with about 10% left still standing. Even big businesses that seemed to have a lot of financial security are now closed down. Giant hotels are also affected with many decided to shut down and put the property up for sale. When visiting Ao Nang today, many hotels have big for sale signs by the road. 


Ekkawit Pinyothammanothai from the Krabi Tourism Council of Thailand admitted that the rumors were true. At least 10 hotels on Ao Nang Beach are up for sale, most of them are big hotels ranging from 3-5 stars. The hotels together are worth billions of THB, each realizing they cannot carry on. It has been more than 8 months since the pandemic started to affect tourism in Thailand. Regulations intended to help business owners have not done so. Small businesses have also shut down on the beach because 80-90% of all income is from foreign tourists. 



FB Caption: Most hotels up for sale range from 3-5 star hotels, they have decided it is time to move on.


Source: Sanook, Thairath