2 lottery winners in Thailand, one with 17 winning tickets.

The latest lottery draw in Thailand has brought good luck to many people. In this story, a food vendor won 1 winning ticket bringing in 6 Million THB. There is also one winner who purchased the tickets online with 17 winning tickets getting in 102 Million THB. The first winner has said goodbye to hard times with ticket number 417652. This is the winning number for the latest lottery draw on 1 March 2023. A Facebook user named “Rattana Ghingpho” posted online revealing the winner. The post captioned “Number 1 prize, I feel so excited for him at the Kon Duen Sueng Sang Market”. 



A picture of the winner was shown holding the ticket. He realized the big win while working in the market. The man is a food vendor who is now a very happy man. Netizens shared the post and congratulated the man on his lucky day. The next winner is perhaps one of the luckiest people in Thailand. One person purchased all 17 winning tickets through the online lottery system. There were 17,044,000 lottery tickets purchased for this draw through the digital lottery and the system shows one person is holding 17 winning tickets. 


The identity of this winner has currently not been revealed. This is one of the most won tickets and the most significant prize money ever won in the Thai lottery draws. Luan Sangsanit from the Revenue Department stated digital lottery tickets are priced at 80 THB per ticket. You can purchase the tickets through the Paotang application. For the next lottery draw on 16 March 2023, tickets can be purchased starting on the 2nd of march at 6 am. There will be more tickets available to purchase for the next draw at 17,288,500 tickets sold by 34,577 authorized sellers. There are 2 government lottery draws each month falling on the 1st and 16th. The draws are done live through national TV channels. Prizes can be claimed up to 2 years after the official draw. Anyone can buy a ticket even if you are a foreigner or just visiting Thailand. There are 2 requirements which are a minimum age of 20 years old and the tickets must be purchased from an authorized seller that is registered with GLO. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: There will be more digital lottery tickets available to purchase for the next draw at 17,288,500 tickets sold by 34,577 authorized sellers.


Source: Khaosod