400K taken from Pharmacist bank account.

This incident is a reminder to why we should never reveal personal information to strangers who are often pretending to be officials. Hackers gained access to a Pharmacist’s phone and got away with 430,000 THB. The victim is heading to hand over evidence with the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) on 2 June 2020 with hopes of finding the hacker. The incident took place on 29 May 2020 when the victim was robbed of her life savings.


Credit: INN News


Aree 49 years old works as a pharmacist at the Khong Hospital in Khong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Her phone was hacked and as a result, the hacker gained access to her electronic bank application. The thief transferred 430,000 THB into a different account leaving behind 70 THB for Aree. It all started when Aree received a phone call that claimed to be from the phone service provider. The person on the call informed Aree about an error relating to her phone number, there were 2 exact numbers accidentally duplicated in the system. The call would help Aree solve this issue by giving her a new phone number. Aree revealed that she thought this was a real employee from the phone service company because the person knew what her ID card number was.


The call then informed Aree about a message sent into her phone, all Aree had to do was tell the call what the message stated to confirm her identity. Aree received the message that had Numbers inside, she then told the caller those numbers. What Aree had done was likely revealed a One-Time Password (OTP) often used to confirm electronic transactions to the hacker. Then shortly after Aree checked her bank account and all the money was now gone. The money had been sent to an account named Suttiporn Yudee. Aree went to file a report at the Khong Police Station. Police started the investigation and contacted the Kasikorn Bank and informed them of the incident. Officials asked the bank to freeze Suttiporn’s account but it was already too late and all the money had been withdrawn. Officials have asked for information on the account to call the owner of the account in for a talk. The case has been sent to the TCSD where Aree will be going to file a complaint along with handing in all the evidence.



FB Caption: All of Aree’s life savings have been transferred to another account, leaving behind 70 THB in Aree’s account.


Source: INN News