Businesswoman leaves Pattaya after 15 years, Covid-19 to blame.

A businesswoman has shared her experience online after working in Pattaya for 15 years, she states “the economy is so bad, I can’t continue”. The woman is not alone as many business persons working in tourist areas are having an incredibly hard time, most are not looking to make a profit but only enough to survive on a day by day basis. Covid-19 is a big part to blame as foreign tourists are almost impossible to find. Some might agree that the current economy and politics in Thailand also play a big part in the income of the people. The woman shared her story online stating it is time for her to leave Pattaya, Chonburi Province after 15 years of ongoing business, it is impossible to continue working. 


Credit: Khaosod


The businesswoman revealed Pattaya has given her many things, 15 years of good memories, money, a car, and a home, but now she is making no income at all. The story was shared on 8 November 2020 by a woman who owns a business in Pattaya City. She decided to share her personal story online in a Facebook group called “Pattaya Talk” in Thai. The group is a community of Pattaya locals both Thai and foreign. The woman is grateful that the city has helped her achieve many goals in life, mainly the dream of owning a business, a car, and a home. Leaving Pattaya is the last option and if she could choose, she would continue living in the major tourist city. Today, she has decided to take the necessities from her home and move to a different province. 


Credit: Khaosod


The woman stated “ I have lived in Pattaya for 15 years! I love Pattaya. I have bought a home, a car, and own a business under my name. Thanks to Pattaya I have made enough money to take care of my family. I really don’t want to leave but it is impossible to stay here. The economy is so bad! I feel like I will cry just typing about it. Brothers and sisters who are continuing the fight, know that I wish you good luck and keep fighting. Byebye Pattaya”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: “ I have lived in Pattaya for 15 years! I love Pattaya. I have bought a home, a car, and own a business under my name”. 


Source: Khaosod