Customer takes 60,000 THB from fruit shop.

A fruit shop vendor realized all her cash was gone 1 hour after the thief had already left her store. It has been 5 days and the thief is not caught yet, police say they are working on a bigger case. The thief was a normal customer until she decided to become a thief. The daughter of “Oi” the fruit store owner posted a warning on TikTok. The incident took place at 12.30 on 13 September 2023. Oi was selling fruit as usual in Odian Market, Nakhon Pathom Province and when her store was busy the customer came in. She started choosing fruits like any normal customer would. Then after about 1 hour Oi noticed her waller was gone. Oi checked her security cameras and realized who took the money. 


Oi believes this is a professional and mightve been planning for a while. Oi now is paranoid a similar incident will take place again. Oi called the police and they came to her store. Then she also went to file a report at the police station. This is not the first time the thief has visited her store. She is a regular customer and Oi recognizes her face so she never suspected the customer would become a thief. Her purse was placed underneath where her fruits were placed. The security footage shows the thief slowly reaching underneath to grab the cash inside. Oi had over 60,000 THB inside. 38,000 THB belongs to her daughter and Oi remembers she had at least 20,000 THB of her own money inside. 


The thief also took 3 ID cards belonging to Oi, her boyfriend, and her mother. Along with the ATM cards inside. This is the first time Oi has had her money stolen from her while inside the store. The thief was very friendly and was chatting with Oi. She asked many questions about the fruit but ended up only buying one item. Now Oi realizes the thief was distracting her while reaching into her purse. Other vendors nearby revealed it has also happened to them but they didnt file a report with the police. Oi had a lot of cash stolen, so she has decided to ask for help from officials. The incident took place on 8 September 2023 and Oi has continued to call for updates from the police. Officials informed her they are working on a bigger case right now. Oi wishes the police will start working on her case in hopes of finding the thief. 


FB Caption: The customer distracted the owner while her hand was grabbing the cash. 


Source: Khaosod