Gas theft in Chachoengsao Province.

Motorbike owners have been dealing with gas theft in Chachoengsao province. Some motorbikes also have the gas cap missing. It is advised to keep your vehicle in a safe location overnight. Khaosod News Team received notification from Wattana Janjaroen 35 years old a villager from the main city of Chachoengsao on 10 September 2023. Wattana and his neighbors have been dealing with gas theft for 2 nights in a row. 9 motorbikes that were parked in front of Wattana’s home all ended up with empty tanks once morning arrived. The gas caps were also missing and Wattana does not feel safe as the next step will likely be missing motorbikes. If they have enough time to steal gas from 9 motorbikes, then they will have time to take a few motorbikes with them. 



The home is located near the train in Klong Udom Cholajorn. The news team met with Wattana and went to the location where the motorbikes were parked. Wattana states there is no way to keep the motorbikes safe for now because they cannot park the motorbikes inside their homes. There is a canal between the parking spot and their homes. The bridge is only a small wooden bridge and is not big enough for motorbikes to pass through. Wattana was on his way to work but his motorbike would not start. He checked and his gas tank was dried up. The same thing happened to his neighbor who had just gone to the gas station and filled up his tank. They had no gas or gas cap and no way to go to work. 



On the first day 5 motorbikes had there gas stolen. Wattana did not expect the thief would return again. He went to buy a new gas cap that costs 160 THB and filled his gas tank. Then the thief came back at night again and emptied his tank once more. A green hose was also left behind as evidence. Lights near where the motorbikes are parked were also covered with a piece of fabric. Wattana lost both his gas cap and the gas two days in a roll. On the second day 4 motorbikes had their gas tank and gas caps stolen. Wattana and the villagers went to file a report with the Chachoengsao City Police. Hopefully this does not spark ideas for more gas thefts in Chachoengsao and other provinces. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Villagers woke up with empty gas tanks for 2 days straight. 


Source: Khaosod