Ex-nurses turn pickpockets blaming it on Covid-19.

Two ex-nurses turn to pickpocketing after losing their jobs during Covid-19. The main reason for committing the crime is to pay back loan sharks. The suspects used to work in an emergency team but lost their positions and had no monthly income. After committing the crime they felt guilty and decided to return personal documents to the victims by mail. Police Colonel Mesanon Nakwan and related officials from the Rattanathibet Police Station in Nonthaburi Province reported on 14 December 2021. Athiwat 26 years old was arrested under an arrest warrant issued by the Nonthaburi Court on 11 December 2021. Thanadol, 22 years old was also arrested relating to the case. 



Evidence included 3 sets of clothing, a red helmet, 2 phones, and a red motorbike used in the robbery. Athiwat was the driver and Thanadol was the person who sat behind and pulled the bag. The police received a police report on 3 December 2021 from Wafadol 42 year old after he was walking on the road and the suspects grabbed his backpack. The victim placed the backpack on the ground, inside was 3,500 THB and important personal documents. A man estimated to be about 160 cm tall wearing a black helmet, white shirt, and black pants ran and grabbed his backpack. The suspect then ran towards the motorbike with the other suspect waiting before driving away. The motorbike driver was waiting at a bus stop and the victim remembered the driver was overweight wearing a red helmet and a hoodie. 



Wafadol ran after the suspect but he tripped and the thieves drove away before he could memorize the license plate. Security cameras were able to capture the suspect standing in front of Nonthaburi Soi 37. He stood for a while before slowly walking to the backpack and then quickly ran away. The suspects revealed they were emergency nurses but lost their jobs during Covid-19. Because of no income they turned towards loan sharks and had no money to repay the loan. One of the suspects knew the area well and after deciding they committed the crime. They shared the money and returned the backpack along with the documents by mail to the victim. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: They shared the money and returned the backpack along with the documents to the victim by mail. 


Source: Sanook