Father wins 12 Million THB from lottery, tells ex-wife to not return.


A father has won 12 Million THB from the latest lottery draw. The father wishes to send a message to his ex-wife, do not return as she left all the children for him to care for alone. The 70-year-old winner sat in a chair crying after he realized the big win that is about to change his well being forever. He plans to spend a part of the money by purchasing each of his 4 children a car. He also will be using the money to pay off student loans and to build a new home in a different province. 


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Dang Tippanet filed a report with Police Lieutenant Pao Sanggongplee at the Udon Thani City Police Station. The man decided to file a report as evidence of his big win. He has 2 winning tickets with the number 070935 each bringing in 6 Million THB. Police officers and villagers in the area gathered to congratulate the man at the station. They all wanted a picture with the man who became a millionaire overnight. Dang states that he used to work as a tour bus driver. He has retired due to age and has separated from his ex-wife for 8 years. His ex-wife left him to be with another man and he has remained single since. 



Since the separation, Dang has taken care of his 4 children alone. The winner reveals he regularly purchases lottery tickets every month just in case he gets lucky. He has won small prizes before such as 2-digit winnings. On 14 September 2021 Dang visited a grandchild in Sakon Nakhon Province. He went to a market and saw tickets with the numbers 070 and 35, these are numbers he likes. Because the tickets had both numbers he purchased both. He hoped to win a small prize but when the date of the lottery draw arrived he was more than shocked. 



Dang will use the money to pay off debt, this includes 400,000 THB tied to his home and 300,000 THB in student loans for his children. After paying off all debt Dang will then buy each of his children new cars. He also plans to buy land in Sakon Nakhon Province where he will build a new home to start a new life. When asked if his ex-wife comes back what will he do, Dang answers he prefers to continue with the single life. He is happy living life with his children and grandchildren. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The winner sat in a chair crying after realizing his big win will pay off all his debt. 


Source: Sanook