Austrian Man goes missing on Phi Phi Island.

An Austrian man remains missing for the 4th day on Phi Phi island. Relatives are preparing to travel to the area. The expat works as a hotel manager on the island. Officials are continuing efforts searching for the man. Police at the Krabi Tourist Police Station received notification of Klaus Florian Hallermann 56 -year-old from Austria. Klaus works as a general hotel manager at a local hotel located in Ban Laem Tong, Phi Phi Island, Krabi Province. The man went missing without a trace on 11 September 2021. Security camera footage recorded the man before he went missing while he was walking near the hotel. 



Klaus was seen with his backpack walking on the beach. Tourist police are now working with Phi Phi Island Police, Hat Noppharat Thara National Park Officials, and related officials to search for the man. Over 50 officers are actively searching for the man. Main areas are where officials suspect the man went missing. There are 3 search teams with 2 teams searching in forests and hills near the beach. The 3rd team is forming plans to search in caves and hard to reach areas. Locals are also participating in the searches and some are practicing religious belief methods to help find the missing man. Police Lieutenant Colonel Sakanan Kamsai, a tourist police officer, reported that officials have searched many areas. 



This includes a location that Klaus sent to his son. So far they have not found any clues of the missing man. Villagers on the island have received news about the man and are all on the lookout to help find where he may have gone. Settapong Bunsop the village chief of Ban Laem Tong stated that Klaus is a good man who has lived on the island for almost 20 years. Many locals know who the man is because he often helps with the village volunteer work. Klaus has a family in Phuket Province where he regularly talks with his son. Relatives from Phuket are travelling to Phi Phi Island to help search for the man. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The man has been missing for 4 days. He was last seen walking on the beach with a backpack. 


Source: Khaosod