Food vendors ask Gov. to help fix food price increase.

Food prices for common household kitchen ingredients such as pork meat and eggs are rising. Food vendors are now asking the government to help solve the rising inflation costs. The rising food costs may be related to the current Covid-19 situation and holidays where specific ingredients increase in demand. But, as the price increases, locals’ income remains the same, or even worse less due to unemployment and the overall economic picture. Pork meat and eggs are consumed by some people every day in Thailand and it is very common to find a dish using these ingredients in every home. Not only are consumers complaining about the price increase but food vendors are now expressing their confusion. As vaccines started to roll in food vendors had hopes of customers spending habbits returning to normal. 



At the Si Mum Mueng Market in Pathum Thani Province, food vendors are facing high food price increase. Narong 63-year-old the owner of an egg store in the market reveals he has been dealing with an increase in egg prices since 10 January 2022. Food vendors and customers want the government to have a clear solution to the issue. INN News team informed the seller that the Ministry of Commerce has promised to put a break to the increase in egg prices. The seller responded by asking how is that possible when the costs for the eggs are increased. The sizes of eggs in Thailand go by number with 0 being the biggest, usually priced at 120 THB per 30 eggs is now at 125 THB. 



Bunsita 47-year-old, owner of another egg store stated she has been selling eggs at the market for 22 years. All egg sizes have now increased in price as the farm has increased their prices. The price is increased on an average of 5 THB per 30 eggs. Supangrat 53-year-old an owner of a pork shop stated that pork is now priced at above 200 THB per kilo. She buys pigs then hires someone to butcher them before delivering the product to the store. On average she uses about 100 pigs a day. The cost price is 116 THB per kilo for each pig and the finished pork meat product costs 120 THB per kilo. She then has to add in other costs including transportation, employees, and parts that cannot be used such as the bones, fat, and pig waste. The cost is so high before even arriving at consumers. 



FB Caption: Food vendors state the costs have increased and it is impossible to keep selling at the same price. 


Source: INN News