Woman charged 420 THB for 11 pages at Print shop.

A woman was charged 420 THB for printing 11 pages at a print shop. This is an extremely outrageous price as the normal price for printing or scanning a document in Thailand is 0.50-5 THB per page. All 11 pages were black and white documents. The woman stated that she never expected to be charged so much. After the story went viral, many others have come forward revealing that they too were victims to the greedy shop owner. The incident took place at a printing shop in Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi Province.


The Khaosod news team went to interview Miss B the victim on 19 May 2020. B stated that she needed to print some documents and was looking for a printing shop. B spotted the shop and realized it was empty, thinking that the owner must have wanted some customers she went in. The owner greeted her right away and was very chatty. The owner knew right away that B was not from around the area. The conversation kept ongoing as more questions about B’s personal life was asked. B wanted to get the job done so she interrupted the owner and asked to print the papers.


The owner scanned a document before informing B that the paper was not clear. The owner offered to re-print the paper and told B that she would have to charge more money for the ink. B had no problem as she never expected the price to end up so high. Then after the first scan, B wanted to print more documents through the Line application. A total of 11 pages were printed, when B asked how much, the owner said 420 THB. B was shocked and asked the owner to repeat what she had just said. The owner insisted that the price was right. Because B never asked how much it would’ve cost she handed over the money. B also noticed that the owner seemed close to Win motorbike drivers and people in the area and didn’t want any trouble.


Credit: Khaosod


B stated “I learned a big lesson. The paper and ink are exactly the same as other shops, I have no idea why the owner charged so much. I posted on social media about the incident and apparently, there are more victims. I hope related government sectors will inspect the print shop and to establish a price standard in the business”. What is your opinion? Does 420 THB for 11 pages seem ridiculous especially when it’s black and white?


FB Caption: The owner was very friendly when B entered the print shop, then when it was time to leave the bill was 420THB for 11 pages of black and white documents.


Source: Khaosod