6 tourists with Covid-19 broke quarantine on Koh Chang Island.

6 tourists who have tested positive for Covid-19 broke quarantine at a hotel located on Koh Chang Island. The tourists have now been found and claim they did not know of the test results. The hotel notified local officials in Koh Chang Island, Trat Province on 8 January 2022. The 6 tourists traveled into Thailand through the Test & Go project for a vacation on Koh Chang island. All of them received Covid-19 tests at the Koh Chang Hospital on 4 January. The results returned back positive for Covid-19. The hotel stated they have not been able to contact all 6 tourists for 2-3 days. 



Decha Pralomrip the Deputy District Chief went to file a report with the Koh Chang Police as proof to use in the case investigation. Officials started a search for all 6 who have now been found. Hotels and Resorts on Koh Chang all received notification of the 6 tourists. In case they tried checking in to other accommodations on the island, officials would receive information. Because they all tested positive for Covid-19, there was a high risk of spreading the virus. 


The 6 tourists are, 


  1. Arnaud Cachia 32 years old from France. 
  2. Romain Thiauld Gretter 32 years old from France. 
  3. Marek Zbignien Bonleckl 65 years old from Poland. 
  4. Oleheming Borgem Kolstad 38 years old from Norway. 
  5. Krause Sariusz Tomasz 52 years old from Poland
  6. Johan Debernardi from Switzerland. 



At first, officials were afraid that the 6 tourists would leave the island to Pattaya City in Chonburi Province or travel into Bangkok. Especially if they traveled using public transportation, then the virus would have a much higher chance of spreading. The Koh Chang officials reported that they have found all 6 tourists. All claim that they had no knowledge of the test results and believed they did not have Covid-19. As a result, they simply left the hotel, where they were supposed to quarantine according to the safety regulations put in place during this time. The tourists were placed in a room and are now at the hospital receiving medical care. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The tourists have now been found and claim they did not know of the test results. 


Source: Sanook