Man climbs into neighbor’s room to steal sugar.

A man climbed into his neighbor’s room to steal sugar from the kitchen. Netizens are divided on the case where some feel sorry for the man and others believe what he has done is stealing no matter the reason. A Facebook user posted online a video showing the man in his kitchen along with the caption “What should I do with this next-door neighbor, this is the 2nd time”. The video shows a man who lives next door inside the victim’s kitchen. The rooms are connected with each room having an open kitchen behind, making it easy to access neighbors’ rooms. The victim revealed that this is not the first time, about 2 weeks ago the man climbed into his kitchen and stole cooking oil. On the first incident, he warned the man but he still returned, so the victim decided to record a video as evidence on the 2nd time.


Credit: Sanook

The video went viral shortly after it was posted and netizens had a lot of opinions. They are divided into 2 sides, one side feels sorry for the man and states that the victim should not press charges as the economy is to blame. The group believes that the victim should feel sorry for the man and forgive him. A Facebook user commented “I feel sorry for the uncle, he must be struggling. When you have nothing you don’t have anything. The oil and sugar are used for food, please feel for him. We make mistakes and you should give him another chance. I understand you must be angry because he came into your room, but he has nothing”. Many are also willing to send money to the man in the video as help.


The other side view that coming into someone’s room or home without permission is wrong. It is considered trespassing and no matter how much the item costs, it is  stealing. The man could’ve simply asked neighbors for the oil or sugar instead of climbing into the other’s room. The Sanook News Team went to visit Supasit the man in the video. Supasit admits that he climbed into the victim’s room because he wanted some sugar to cook food for his child. Supasit is unemployed and claims he needed to steal the sugar. He also thanks netizens for sending him money, so far he has received over 10,000 THB.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The man has received at least 10,000 THB from netizens after the video went viral.

Source: Sanook