Noodle shop hires models to boost business

THE owner of a floundering boat noodle shop in Khon Kaen turned things around in less than a week by hiring models to work as waitresses with both young and middle-aged men now crowding the eatery, Thai News Agency reported yesterday (Nov. 1).

Montri Thaisila, 36, whose boat noodle shop, Chai Thung, is on Maliwan road approximately 3 kilometers before reaching Mueang Khon Kaen, said he hires around 2 to 4 models to work as waitresses everyday for 400 to 500 baht.

Business was quite good when he first opened his boat noodle shop which also serves other dishes with the noodle recipe being an old one he obtained from Bangkok.

However the number of customers dropped lately which could be due to difficult economic conditions, he added.

Noodle shop owner

As he previously worked as a musician at bars and pubs he knows a lot of models so hired them to come and serve his customers and in less than a week business zoomed ahead.

The mostly male customers include officials, company workers but also laborers who pack the restaurant during their lunch break with some taking photos with the models.

Montri added that even though there is additional expense in paying the models what he able to earn each day makes it really worthwhile.


Top: Models working at Montri’s boat noodle shop in Khon Kaen. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Montri is happy to be earning decent money again. Photo: Thai News Agency