Online lottery scam, buyer receives tissue instead of tickets.

A food vendor purchased government lottery tickets online but received tissue instead. The woman wanted to find another source of income as a lottery seller. Duangsamon Sukcharoen 45-year-old owns a small restaurant in Saraburi Province. The victim stated after the incident that food orders have been going down, so she looked for another extra source of income. She decided to start selling government lottery tickets and ordered the tickets online. She messaged the seller and purchased 200 tickets at a price of 84 THB per ticket, a final price at 16,800 THB.


Duangsamon put in a deposit of 4,000 THB on 31 March 2021. The next day the seller informed her a friend was going to send the tickets to her from Phatthalung Province. The victim messaged the friend who sent her a picture of the package with the lottery tickets inside. He then sent a tracking number for the delivery. The friend claimed her put in another 100 tickets telling Duangsamon that she could just pay for them next time. The victim believed the story and sent in another 2,800 THB. She then promised to send in another 10,000 THB as agreed.


The friend promised the victim he could get an even better price for the tickets using his disability discount. He also sent a picture of a disabled person claiming that it was him. Duangsamon did not purchase any more tickets and decided to wait until she received the first order. On 5 April 2021 she received a box. Believing that there were 300 lottery tickets inside she quickly opened the box. Inside were 2 small tissue packages. The victim was shocked and tried to contact both persons, but she had already been blocked. A report has been filed with the Muak Lek Police in Saraburi Province.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Duangsamon purchased 300 government lottery tickets online but never received the order.


Source: Khaosod