Private sector welcomes tourism tax break plan

TOURISM business operators happily welcomed Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT’s) move to ask for maximum 50,000 baht tax reduction to encourage people to travel more within the country, Thai News Agency said today (August 16).

TAT is gearing up to ask the Finance Ministry to use tourism to spread income to secondary cities by allowing people and businesses to deduct tourism expenses such as accommodation, food, souvenirs and touring from their annual tax payment with the maximum amount being 50,000 baht and this applicable during October to December this year.

While tourism business operators welcomed the tax break plan as it would encourage people to travel within the country and spend more money, they want this plan to take a tangible shape as quickly as possible and suggested the timeframe be extended to next year.


Top: A long-tail boat waiting for passengers at Hong Island in Krabi Province. Photo: Avik Sarkar (CC-BY-2.0)


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