Robber arrested, used 800K THB in one day.

A robbery recently took place in Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai Province on 18 May 2020. 2 men on a motorbike robbed a car in front of a Bangkok Bank Branch in Chiang Saen. Police Colonel Sottasak Pimolthip from the Chiang Saen Police Station ordered officials to inspect areas within a 500-meter distance from the bank. Officials arrived and found Watcharin 46 years old, the driver, and the vehicle waiting in front of the bank.


Watcharin and the driver went to the Chiang Saen branch to withdraw cash to be used in an Agricultural cooperative. Watcharin went into the bank alone and withdrew 1,050,000 THB, he put the cash in a purse. While the car was being parked one of the robbers knocked on the window. The driver thought this was someone Watcharin knew and opened the door. Watcharin asked who this man was and he revealed himself as a robber. The man pulled the purse and the men inside the car tried to pull the purse back. This is when the robber pulled out a gun so the men let go of the purse. The robber then ran away before jumping on a motorbike and drove away.


Police investigated using security camera footage and interviewing witnesses. Information revealed that there are 2 robbers. Both of the robbers were caught on camera wearing a full-face helmet. The man who went to rob the vehicle appeared to be tall and thin and the motorbike driver was shorter. After getting hold of the cash, the robbers headed towards the South of Chiang Saen. Officials believe that the robbers have been watching the Agriculture cooperative to study how and when they withdrew cash. They learned a pattern and knew when the next cash withdrawal was, the robbery was planned.


Credit: Sanook


The police have arrested Sitthichok after tracking down the gun that was used in the crime. The suspect left the gun with a friend after committing the robbery. He denied all charges and claimed no connection to the robbery. After a talk with the police, the suspect admitted that he was the robber. History shows that Sitthichok used to work in the Agriculture cooperative explaining how he knew when Watcharin was going to the bank. Sitthichok has 200,000 THB left after spending 800,000 THB in one day to pay off debts related to gambling. Police are still investigating to find the other suspect.


FB Caption: The suspect knew exactly when the next cash withdrawal was and managed to get away with 1,050,000 THB.


Source: Sanook