Woman fakes death for funeral donations.

A woman faked her death with the intentions to raise donation money for her own funeral. After she was exposed the women became extremely angry. A famous Facebook page in Thailand named “If you want to be famous, here you go part 5.2” posted on 23 January 2023. The post stated “I want to warn about a scammer who states she is disabled but I am not sure if that is true. Many years ago I helped her out by raising donations. She told me her mother was very sick. Then not long after she stated her mother died. She continued asking me for help by tagging me in posts and continuously asking for more money. 



I decided to finally ask her to stop asking me for money. Another person then started helping her and lost a lot of money. She continued to use the same methods to make people feel sympathy for her. It came to a point where she faked her own death. The same Facebook account was used but whoever posted claimed she was dead and it was another person typing. The problem was she had died and there is no money for her funeral. I believe the person behind the keyboard was the same person all along. A person has sent money to her, both willingly and unwillingly. When the person wouldn’t transfer money, this scammer would post mean things about the good citizen. 



What should I do to make her stop. I really want to know if she is truly disabled. Where does she live and how to make her pay for her actions”. There are pictures attached and one of it is the scammer laying dead with pale skin and cotton rounds in her nose. The message sent by the scammer is “Tick is dead, she has no relatives and died from Covid-19 with cancer”. Many netizens stated the easiest solution is to block the scammer. Netizens also advised the post owner to file a report with the police. This can help find out who she truly is and protect other good persons from falling victim. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The women claims she died from Covid-19 and cancer but has no funeral money. 

Source: Khaosod