Tesco Lotus: Buying power has not fully recovered

CONCERNED that the consumer buying power has not fully revived, Tesco Lotus today (March 15) launched a “Rollback” discount campaign with prices of necessities being slashed by up to 40% for 3 months to help clients cope with the cost of living, Thai News Agency reported.

Mark Roughley, customer director at Tesco Lotus, said an opinion survey of the hypermarket’s clients in January found that the majority are still concerned about prices of goods and cost of living.

Our most recent survey in January 2018 shows that the top three concerns for our customers are: product prices (58%), family expenses (51%) and debt (47%).

Roughley also said it has been noticed over the past 2 to 3 years clients have become more careful in spending which is why Tesco Lotus is introducing its Rollback campaign.


Under this campaign prices of over 1,000 products, including fresh and dried food necessary for daily living, have been slashed to help reduce the burden clients face.

Tesco Lotus has prepared 520 million baht to support up to 40% discount throughout the 3-month period starting today, March 15, till June 15.

Prices of goods sold at all branches and online are the same.

The hypermarket is also cutting the fee for paying electricity and water bills from 10 to 5 baht with this benefiting clients in 26 million households nationwide.


Top and in-text: Tesco Lotus customer director Mark Roughley launching the Rollback campaign today. Photos: Thai News Agency