Vietnamese woman enters Thailand to become pickpocket.

A Vietnamese woman has traveled into Thailand specifically to become a pickpocket. She has done this many times and has never been arrested before. This time police successfully caught her after security footage captured her in the act. It is amazing how some people lack morals and will do anything for money. This woman does not feel sorry for her actions and even traveled to a different country to steal from others. Police from the Jakwat Police Station arrested Tran Ti Ung 62 years old from Vietnam on 24 June 2022. 



Tran had travelled into Thailand with the goal to make money by becoming a pickpocket. She would travel to Sampeng market and find victims. Sampeng Market is a market in Bangkok known to be a wholesale market that is usually very busy all day. She is a professional who is very skilled at pickpocketing. The suspect had stolen a phone from a Thai citizen at the market. She then took a bus to Klong Tan intersection. The victim went to file a report with the police and an investigation was started that led to the arrest. 



Tran stated to police that she has done this countless times at many different locations. She has never been arrested and is a professional. She has no real job and decided to travel into Thailand specifically to pickpocket Thais in public locations. She has no previous criminal record in Thailand. The woman is now with the police waiting for prosecution. Hopefully this story is a warning for other visitors traveling in from different countries with bad intentions. It is not right to steal from others no matter where you are at. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: A Vietnamese woman has traveled into Thailand specifically to become a pickpocket.


Source: Khaosod