Wife run’s away with husband’s lottery money.

A man won the grand prize in the Thai government lottery but lost it all when his wife ran away with the money. After the story went viral truth was revealed that she has been cheating with at least 2 men. Manich won 6 Million THB from the lottery but he cannot read and let his wife write her name on the back of the ticket. Manich then cashed the ticket but transferred almost all of the money 5,970,000 THB into the wife’s account. He had total trust as they have been living together for 26 years. 



After the money was transferred into her account she ran away to another man. Manich 49 years old the husband was interviewed on 18 November 2022 by Num Kanchai. Alongside him was Nattapol 24 years old the son who also gave an interview. Ankanarat 45 years old is the wife who ran away. Manich revealed he is letting her go and will continue to work as a construction worker. The husband states they had a good relationship and he never expected the betrayal. Manich doesnt even want to file a report but will have to if she keeps all of the money. Ankanarat has promised to give 500,000 THB to the middle child and 1 million THB to the oldest child. 



The son revealed he is the one who decided to make the story public. They never suspected that the mother was cheating. He is angry because he doesn’t understand why the mother decided to take all the money to another man instead of using it with the family. Kanchai called the wife on the show but what she said is the opposite of what the husband and son are saying. The wife states it was her name on the ticket, so it is her money. She also claims they are not married, and she is married to another man. The wife confirms she will not give any money to Manich because all the money is hers, the most she will give to Manich is 1 million THB. Before hanging up she stated, “Manich is not my husband, he is just someone I know”, even though they have many children together. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: They were together for 26 years, but the wife ran away with all the money, leaving all the children behind. 


Source: Khaosod