Win motorbike driver returns 300 lottery tickets.

Win motorbike driver has returned 300 lottery tickets to the real owner, the good citizen states “Even if I won, the money is still not mine”. The driver found the lottery tickets and handed them over to the police. He hopes the police will find the real owner and not once did he think of keeping the tickets himself. Police Captain Nattawat Ongaj from the Pratunam Chula Longkorn Police Station received notification from Pakin Kamanek 49 years old on 5 November 2023. The man is a win motorbike driver in Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province. The man found the lottery tickets in front of the Klong 1 post office. He counted and there were 300 lottery tickets.


Pakin filed a report with the police in hopes of finding the real owner. Khaosod News Team met with Pakin to learn more about the story. Pakin revealed the tickets were on the roadside near the post office exit. He had just dropped off a passenger and was driving with no destination. Pakin didn’t think it was lottery tickets at first, it looked like a book of bus tickets. Then after he parked his motorbike and got a good look at the tickets Pakin realized it was actually lottery tickets. The usual price for lottery tickets in Thailand is 80 THB. The tickets were for the upcoming draw on 16 November 2023 so they are still worth a lot of money.


There are 3 ticket books, each with 100 tickets inside. On the same day, the post office had their usual lottery ticket sales day. Pakin wasn’t sure where the tickets came from but had suspicions a buyer probably forgot the tickets. The man decided to file a report with the police as evidence of handing the tickets to officials. Pakin hopes the tickets will be reunited with the original buyer. When asked why he didn’t keep the tickets for himself as they are for the next draw, Pakin simply stated the tickets do not belong to him. Even if the ticket won first prize, it would not be his money.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Pakin handed over the tickets to police in hopes of finding the real owner.

Credit: Khaosod