Storing Small Items with Mini Storage

You can Rent a Mini Storage For Small Items

Regardless of the size of your apartment or house, we naturally tend to have clutter accumulating somewhere in our house. It’s part of the human condition and life where we will eventually gather more things than we can keep. Some are sentimental, while others belong to a priceless collection that is hard to give up. That’s where places with mini storage come in. It doesn’t matter the size of your item because there’s always a storage solution that’ll fit you.

There are many reasons to use a self-storage solution, and some of them are:

Short-term Storage

Perhaps you just need to store some time before selling them on or moving them to another part of the country or overseas. Self-storage solutions are perfect because they allow you to rent as long or as short as you need. You can even store your holiday decorations until you need them again or some party essentials like massive stereo speakers that are otherwise impractical to keep at home unless you’re having a party. Whatever your reasons, there’s always a storage solution to fit your needs.


A Place to Organize

There’s always chaos involved when moving between homes, and a self-storage solution allows you to have extra space to organize while you’re settling into your new apartment or house. It takes time to decide where you want your furniture to be, or perhaps certain renovation works are behind schedule; whatever it is, you can ease the inconvenience by finding a temporary storage space at a self-storage facility. You can even purchase appliances and furniture before your house is ready and keep it in a self-storage facility to take advantage of seasonal discounts!

Regardless of your reasons, there are convenient self-storage facilities near you that can provide you with the convenience you need. Depending on your rental period, you can get extremely competitive rates for your self-storage unit.


JWD Store It!

JWD Store It! is a joint venture between JWD InfoLogistics and Store It! and is a part of the larger JWD Group of Companies that was established in 1979. JWD InfoLogistics is one of the top services provided in the ASEAN region and offers a full range of logistics and supply chain management solutions that meet the needs of all your business-specific requirements.

Store It! is one of the pioneers in Singapore’s self-storage industry. Starting in 2005, they have grown their customer base in Singapore into two self-storage facilities in Singapore.

Store It! has five easily accessible storage facilities in Bangkok in these locations: Srikreetha, Siam, Thiam Ruam Mint, Ramintra, and Rama9. This is to ensure that customers will have convenient access to our storage solutions.

Visit us today to learn more about how we can assist you with a convenient and affordable storage solution!