Things To Consider Before Renting a Pet Friendly Condo in Bangna

Tips For Renting A Pet Friendly Condo in Bangna

Those of us with furry members of our families need to make sure we are considering their wellbeing when we make many life decisions, including where we will live. It can be difficult to find a pet friendly condo in Bangna, but what should be included in buildings that are pet friendly? This article will give you some tips on what you should look for in a pet friendly condo.

Open Outdoor Spaces

Anyone who is living in a big city like Bangkok with a pet knows that your furry friend can’t stay cooped up indoors all the time. They need exercise and a chance to play outdoors frequently, so your living space should accommodate those needs.


A truly pet friendly condo should either have nice outdoor spaces available as part of the condo complex where you can walk pets, or it should be very close to public park areas that are convenient for walking your pets.

Easy to Clean Indoor Spaces

We all know that living with animals is a very joyful experience, but it can also be messy at times. Any place where you live with your pets should be a space that can be conveniently cleaned and not easily damaged by light wear and tear.


Look for condos that have sturdy, laminate floors, or other flooring options that don’t stain easily and can be quickly cleaned in case of any messes.

Put Your Pet In the Contract

In any truly pet friendly condo space, you should have very clear information in the rental contract regarding what is acceptable or unacceptable in terms of damage, number of pets in the room, what kinds of pets are allowed, etc. Many pet friendly condos will still have specific rules and regulations regarding the kind or number of pets, or even about areas in the building where pets are allowed.


It is important before renting a space that you are able to read through the contract and become fully aware of what your landlord expects during your stay. Make sure that any requirements outlined in the contract will be acceptable for you and your unique animal companion before you sign anything.

Meet Your Neighbors

Even in a pet friendly condo where everyone is aware of pets in the building, it can be nice to get acquainted with your neighbors before moving in. It is great to know what kinds of pets your neighbors might have and if your animals get along or not before moving into a new space. It is also important to be aware of any allergy information for those living near you and whether or not any nearby animals are noisy.

Get the Most Out of Your Pet Friendly Condo

Anytime you’re considering a new living space, it is important to be diligent in making sure it fits your needs and those of your pets. This is the same case when considering a pet friendly condo in Bangna. Make you sure ask the right questions and get the best living space possible for your entire family.