Are There Benefits to Organic Body Lotion?

Is It Better To Purchase Organic Body Lotion?

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of organic body lotion are? You’ve likely seen advertisements for organic beauty products and seen the products themselves in the store next to regular brands. They can frequently be a bit more expensive, but they promise to be better for your body and worth the investment. You are probably wondering if they are truly as great as they appear in advertisements. This article will help you consider the question, are organic body lotions better?

Organic for Advertising

One key thing to remember when looking at any discussion about the benefits of organic products is that the term “organic” is still unregulated. There is no FDA standard or test to see if something is truly organic, no process to investigate what the word organic really means to an individual company that produces beauty products. This means that many companies may use “organic” in their advertisements just to get your attention and make you think a certain way about their products.


It is important if you are interested in organic products, that you know and trust the company that is producing them. It would be worth investigating what an individual company means when it puts organic on its label before making any assumptions about what ingredients that product contains and how it was made.

Are Organic Ingredients Really Better For You?

Aside from how a company decides to label their product, are genuine organic ingredients really better for you? This question is also up for debate and not much research has been published to show its truth.


There are many testimonials by users of organic products that claim they feel fresher, better, and healthier when using organic beauty products. The only question for these testimonials is whether or not they show products that are more effective than the placebo effect in creating a feeling of satisfaction from organic products. It’s possible that organic products are actually better for you, or it’s possible that there is no discernible difference.

Are Organic Products Better For the Environment?

If you aren’t sure they are better for you, you can at least be sure they are helping the environment, right? Theoretically, organic products should be helping the environment, but this depends heavily on the situation in individual farming contexts for each of the ingredients on the label of an organic product. It is extremely difficult for companies to certify that their products actually help the environment.

Is Organic Body Lotion Really Better?

It is difficult to say for sure if any of the promoted benefits of organic body lotion are factual. If you trust the company that produces it and their advertising, then it may be produced in a conscientious way that helps you and the environment.


And if you like the effect of an organic product, then their methods are working for you, which is the most important part of any purchase. At the end of the day, organic body lotion likely won’t cause any more harm to you than a regular variety, it just may cost you more.