3 online addiction symptoms found in children.

Technology and the online world is a great advantage for us people to use as a great advantage in our life. For positive reasons such as connecting between each other, access to news and knowledge at all times and at any location, entertainment right at our fingertips and more. Although we must remember, that too much of everything will result in a negative effect.


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Thairath Online reported that a mother of an 11-year-old girl had shared with them her experience of allowing her child to become too addicted to the phone. She warned her child, but the girl would pull out the phone after bedtime. When the mother took away her child’s phone, the girl had a fight with the mother and then was punished by spanking. The little girl was very unhappy and wrote a message to her mother on a piece of paper with vile words that a little girl should never use, especially with her own mother.




WHO has and pointed out that there are 3 signs that your child will show if the addiction to the internet has entered a stage that is affecting their mental health. When these signs are shown, it is no more a simple addiction but has now become a disease.


  1. This is when your child uses the internet to the stage that they do not care about life necessities. For example, if your child is so addicted to a game that he/she does not bother to eat, sleep, shower, and do their homework.


  1. The child shows signs of increased addiction and cannot think about anything other than using the internet.


  1. When the child is not allowed to go online, they become aggressive and in worse cases violent. It may start with fighting with the parents, and if not cared for can increase to physical violence.


If your child shows all 3 symptoms, you are no longer eligible to control the situation or help your child to heal from the addiction, the best option for you and your child is to give them mental health care. They will have to enter a healing process that is similar to rehab in cases of addiction to drugs. Where the family will have to be a part of the major process in helping the child heal from the addiction.


FB Caption: Children who are addicted to the internet can become extremely violent, both in terms of verbal and physical aggression.


Source: Thairath