New accident insurance for raft passengers

A NEW accident insurance for raft passengers has been introduced by the Office of Insurance Commission with this being a voluntary one and the 100-150 baht premium per person offers maximum 100,000 baht coverage, Thai News Agency said today (May 12).

Sutthipol Tawee-chaikarn, secretary-general of the Office of the Insurance Commission, said his agency approved the issuance of raft accident insurance police to meet the need of operators as tourists frequently travel by water and should be protected from accidents as this can lead to loss of life and property.

This voluntary insurance policy helps raft operators nationwide as payment of  100,000 baht per person is made in case of loss of life, limbs, eyes or total permanent disability while maximum 15,000 baht is paid for the medical treatment of each person covered. The premium is 100-150 baht per person.

Although this is a voluntary insurance policy as the Harbor Department has not issued an order that raft operators have to acquire this cover, they do understand the importance of having such a cover as they  can use it to manage the risks that might arise and it will also reduce losses, Mr Sutthipol said.

This insurance police will also build confidence among tourists and the general public that they will be getting some money if an accident occurs and this will improve raft operators’ image.


Top:  Tourists bamboo rafting in Thailand. Photo: Craig Nagy (CC-BY-SA-2.0)



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