Smartphones can give your child the lazy eye

Often times, handing your child the smartphone or letting them watch TV for hours on end can be an easy way out of actually playing with your child. But, there are so many side effects that come with letting technology raise your child for you, including serious eye issues.


Dachar Nuysticker Chuayduang, a Facebook user posted his experience as a warning for parents out there to not let their child use too much technology. In his case, he started letting his child use his phone and Ipad when she was two years old. After a while, his child slowly developed an addiction to the phone, and whenever he removed the phone from her possession she became very agitated and loud.


She slowly developed eyesight problems from that point on… where he gave her eyeglasses with hopes of it helping to protect any future problems from developing. Sadly, when she became 4 years old her eyesight required surgery on both eyes. Both of her eyes had a condition called lazy eyes, where both eyes did not function together, giving an appearance of crossed eyes.


Dachar’s daughter underwent the surgery for both eyes on 31 October 2018 and should be able to use both of her eyes at the same time. The doctor advised that, if your child is experiencing similar symptoms, to not allow them to use the phone, Ipad, computer, and TV at all. This is because the light emitted from such devices are a big trigger that will worsen the eyes to the point of possibly requiring surgery.


Furthermore, Dachar’s daughter after becoming addicted to the phone started to become easily short focused, where she had problems sitting still or focusing on something without the phone in her hand. The phone and technology devices may seem like an easy way out of real parenting, but the results can be highly damaging to the child and family, in the long term your child will truly appreciate time being spent with the parents and not the phone.


Credit: Amarin, Sanook, Facebook user
Credit: Amarin, Sanook, Facebook user


FB Caption: A warning to all parents out there…


Source: Amarin, Sanook