103-year-old grandfather in Pakistan recovers from Covid-19

A 103-year-old grandfather in Pakistan has recovered from Covid-19, this comes as good news and as inspiration for other Covid-19 patients around the world. Aziz Abdul Alim is now famous in Pakistan for winning over the deadly virus. Aziz comes from a village in the northern part of Chitral, Straitstimes reported on 25 July 2020. The grandfather tested positive for the virus in early July and has been receiving medical care at the Emergency Response Centre. Aziz was allowed to return home last week and now made a full recovery from the virus. 


Credit: Khaosod, Reuters


Aziz comes as an inspiration for other Covid-19 patients, especially for elders dealing with the virus. It also created hopes for Pakistanis in the country as the number of cases is high. Pakistan is the 12th nation with the most cases in the world with a current count of 273,112 cases and a death number at currently 5,822 deaths from Covid-19. Pakistan Covid numbers have dropped in the last month but the country’s officials fear that the Muslim religious festival called Eid al-Adha taking place on August 1st might spark another rise in cases. 


Credit: Khaosod, Reuters


Sohail Ahmed the son stated through an interview that the family was extremely worried when they received news about Aziz having the virus, mainly because of his age. This was exactly the opposite for Aziz as he was not worried at all and stated that he has passed a lot in his lifetime. The deadly Coronavirus did not give him fear and what he worried about most was the isolation he had to go into. Through his treatment, the grandfather received moral and psychological care to help him in the battle against the virus. Aziz has been a carpenter all his life until he retired at the age of 70. He has married 5 times and has 9 children from the marriages. The grandfather divorced only once and had just had his 5th marriage not that long ago.


Credit: Khaosod, Reuters


FB Caption:  Aziz Abdul Alim had no fear when he was confirmed positive for Covid-19, his only worry was the isolation. 


Source: Straits Times, Khaosod