Illicit cigarettes worth 42M THB, biggest find in 10 years.

The biggest lot of illicit cigarettes in 10 years has been seized, worth at least 42 Million THB. Kritsana Jinavijarna, Chaiyut Khmakun from the Customs Department, and other related officials went to inspect the large seizure of illegal cigarettes coming in from abroad. The cigarettes were carried in the fishing boat CTDD-555 that has been customized specifically for smuggling in the cigarettes. There are a total of 1,040 cases of cigarettes, coming to a total of 10,400,000 cigarettes worth 42,500,000 THB in the Thai cigarette market. Officials caught the boat while in the Gulf of Thailand. 


Credit: INN News


The Thai customs boat no.805 was exploring waters in Narathiwat province and Pattani Province when they spotted the fishing boat. The boat was heading east 54 nautical miles into the waters and was 64 nautical miles from the north of Tak Bai Sub-district, Narathiwat. The boat was acting suspiciously so officials decided to keep an eye on it. When the boat realized that there was an official boat nearby it turned up the speed and attempted to drive away. Officials successfully followed the boat. Inside were 4 seamen, Donrosi Nilum the captain, Sunthorn Thongpan, Kasem Baidoa, and Abdulah Sanyawo.


Credit: INN News


Inside the boat was illicit cigarettes planned to smuggle into Thailand by avoiding tax. All of the cigarettes are the Astro brand, a total of 1,040 cases. The cigarettes were placed on the boat and underneath the boat, as much as they could store. The crew had no documents to prove that the cigarettes have passed customs, it was clear what their intentions were. The boat and cigarettes have been seized as evidence and delivered with the 4 suspects to the Songkhla Customs House. The cigarettes have come in from Vietnam and are the biggest find of illicit cigarettes in 10 years for Thailand. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: A total of 10,400,000 cigarettes from Vietnam worth 42,500,000 THB in the Thai cigarette market.


Source: INN News