German man in chicken BBQ vid turns out wanted by the INTERPOL

A video was posted online capturing a foreign man cooking chicken BBQ by his Thai wife. The video went viral shortly amongst Thai netizens. This was a huge mistake on his wife’s part, when the video went viral the police saw it. The man had been hiding in Thailand from a Red Notice from the INTERPOL.


Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of Fernsebner Maximilian 34 years old a German man wanted by the Germany officials. Fernsebner has a Red Notice after him issued by the INTERPOL for selling drugs on the internet, he also has a long criminal record behind him.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The police reported that the arrest is thanks to the video that was shared online. In the video was Fernsebner helping his wife cook chicken in a small food stall in Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.


After the video went viral online, Thai netizens applauded the man for helping his Thai wife cook Thai food. Many media channels tried to contact the couple for an appearance on TV. Ferbsebner always tried to find an excuse as to why he doesn’t want to be in any shows or on TV as he knew inside about the Red Notice.


The Police contacted the German Embassy and found out about the INTERPOL Red Notice. This is when they knew what they had to do next, which was to arrest Ferbsebner. As the police went looking for him, he went to hide in a swam in Pak Chong District and stayed in the swamp for over 2 days using a small plastic tube to breathe in the water. The police couldn’t find him and ended up leaving the swamp.




Then on the 3rd day, the German Embassy was contacted by Ferbsebner and was informed that he wanted to turn himself in, but only if the German Embassy came to get him themselves and ordered the police to back off. A representative from the Embassy picked Ferbsebner in Ban Pong Prathun. He later reported that he couldn’t stand hiding in the swamp and breathing through a plastic tube anymore so he decided to turn himself in.


Ferbsebner came into Thailand in 2017, at the time the Red Notice had not been sent to Thailand yet. When the video of him cooking chicken went viral, Ferbsebner decided to secretly enter Laos in a disguise through the Nakorn Phanom Province Border. When he believed that the news started to get quite, Ferbsebner hired a Lao boatman to bring him back to Thailand through the waters and returned to his wife’s home. Then went netizens started talking about him again the police gave him a visit.



FB Caption:  he went to hide in a swam in Pak Chong District and stayed in the swamp for over 2 days using a small plastic tube to breathe in the water.


Source: Sanook, fm91bkk