Hong Kong Police save 2 Thai women from human trafficking.

Hong Kong Police help save 2 Thai women from human trafficking. The women believed they were going to work as a masseuse but ended up locked in an apartment and forced into prostitution. The news was first reported in the South China Morning Post stating that 2 Thai women aged 38 and 47 had intentions to be a masseuse in Hong Kong. They met with a 50-year-old woman and were told to engage in prostitution. The women denied the demand and were locked inside an apartment as a result. Luckily Hong Kong officials found out and saved both in time. 



Hong Kong officials report that both victims received jobs as legitimate masseuses. The positions were advertised through social media. They traveled to Hong Kong from Thailand on 7 February 2023. They were then brought to the apartment. Not long after the women wanted to go outside but the doors were locked. They then were told to work in prostitution in exchange for leaving the apartment. After realizing the truth both women contacted the Thai Consulate in Hong Kong. Thai officials worked quickly and notified the Hong Kong Police. 



The investigation started and the police went to the apartment. The claims turned out to be accurate, the girls were saved in time. Officials reveal both victims held Thai passports and didn’t know each other before meeting for the job. Both are victims to the same woman advertising job positions in Hong Kong targeted at Thai women. The police arrested the 50-year-old female Hong Kong suspect. Police will continue the investigation which may help expose the human trafficking chain and more involved in human trafficking. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The victims were locked inside an apartment and would gain freedom only after they said yes to prostitution. 


Source: Khaosod