Famous school in Chonburi cuts student’s hair, some above the earlobe.

Dress codes in Thailand are taken seriously in schools and many continue to use barbaric methods to keep students under control. This school in Chonburi Province is one example as the principal has cut students’ hair that he believes is too long. The students are left with embarrassing haircuts while some have hair that goes above their earlobes. A Facebook page named “Bad students” in Thai posted on 13 February 2023. The post captioned “The principal cut the student’s hair even though other teachers already checked”. 



The incident took place at a school in Chonburi Province. Students had their hair cut by the principal. He used scissors and chopped a part of their hair. These students had hairstyles that were not even. Some with short hair now have even shorter hair with one side longer than the other. Those with long hair had their ends cut off. There are teachers that have checked these students’ hair already. The students previously received haircuts to follow the guidelines and the teachers confirmed their hairstyles were ok. The principal then came in and used the scissors to cut more hair off. These students are embarrassed and have lost all confidence remaining. 



Thai netizens, mainly on Twitter have expressed their opinions. Most agreed that this action should not be one that comes from a good school. Some students had parts of their hair cut off to the level that a professional hair stylist would not be able to fix the hairstyle. Some had one side of their hair much shorter than the other. The students were all against the principal cutting their hair. The most important question is what gives him the right to do so? Some cried after the incident took place and all are embarrassed. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The students are embarrassed and left with hair that is unfixable. 


Source: Khaosod