MQDC Receives “Outstanding Innovation Organization” Award from NIA, Reflecting Its Commitment to Innovation for All Life

Bangkok Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) received an honorary award for “Outstanding Innovation Organization” in the category of large private-sector organizations at the 2021 Innovation Awards on “National Innovation Day” livestreamed by the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA to honor people and organizations who create outstanding innovations and create values for the nation.


Mr. Keerin Chutumstid, President of the Property & Service Business Group of MQDC, said: “MQDC is delighted to receive the ‘Outstanding Innovation Organization’ award. We focus on sharing knowledge and conducting research in innovation, with clear objectives to achieve concrete outcomes that drive the country’s development.


“MQDC has established the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) as a research and innovation center for the well-being of all life, which welcomes the public so its research can benefit society too.


“We also have the FutureTales Lab by MQDC that researches the future of living. Its forecasting tools explore living, working, learning, leisure, travel, and sustainability. The futurology center also creates a platform for cooperation with various agencies and communities to create a better future for everyone.







“To be honored by NIA gives pride to all our people. We sincerely hope that MQDC’s innovative approach will help drive business and government to develop the country’s innovation potential,” said Mr. Chutumstid.


Adj. Prof. Dr. Anek Laothamatas, Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (MHESI), said: “Steady and sustainable economic and social development in line with national strategy requires knowledge and advancement in science, technology, research, and innovation, as well as the proper development of manpower as a key mechanism to bring the country out of the middle-income trap. National strategy outlines a development agenda that focuses on transforming the country’s economic structure into an innovation-driven economy. NIDA therefore focuses on cultivating and developing innovative entrepreneurs and innovation ecosystems in various fields to facilitate the creation and application of innovations for economic and social value using knowledge, research, and innovations to help people, society, and businesses, while creating a collaborative mechanism for achieving world-leading research and innovation to enhance the capacity of research and innovation development within the country.


“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that ‘National Innovation Day’ can raise awareness, driving thinking, development, and further innovation by Thais, benefiting the country’s development continuously and concretely. It’s also a platform to communicate and create awareness of the potential of entrepreneurs, organizations, and innovators, showing that Thailand and Thais can create and develop innovations on par with leading countries in innovation.”


National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA holds “National Innovation Day” on 5 October each year and has now presented awards for 17 straight years. The National Innovation Award for “Outstanding Innovation Organization” is given to organizations with outstanding internal innovation management as a national role model, supporting the effective application of innovation to deal with crises and raising awareness of the importance of systematic innovation management that truly promote sustainable growth.


Organizations in fields such as the economy, society, the environment, product and service design, media and communications submitted over 910 applications this year.


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