113 newborns and 1,993 pregnant women with Covid-19.

There are 113 cases of babies with Covid-19, out of the number 20 have died. There are 1,993 cases of pregnant women with the virus, out of the number 37 have died. Doctor Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai from the Department of Health reported on 13 August 2021 information on pregnant women and Covid-19. From December 2020 to 11 August 2021 there are 1,993 cases of pregnant women who tested positive for the virus. 1,315 are Thai women and 678 are foreigners in the country. Out of the number of infected pregnant women, 10 have received the Covid-19 vaccine. There are 113 babies that tested positive for the virus. 



There have been 37 pregnant women who have died from reasons related to the virus. A total of 20 newborns have died with reasons related to the virus. Out of the number 11 died while the mother was giving birth and 9 died within 7 days of being born. The number does not include 2 newborns who died on 13 August 2021 in Chai Nat Province and Udon Thani Province. There have been 7,935 pregnant women who have received the first Covid-19 vaccine dose and 574 who have received both doses of the vaccine. 



The doctor stated “From the first Covid-19 wave not many pregnant women tested positive. During the 2nd wave the numbers increased with an average of 2-25 new cases per day from December 2020 to March 2021. When the 3rd wave started in April 2021 there was a high increase in pregnant women testing positive for the virus. Since May more than 200 pregnant women have tested positive per month. And in July the number increased to more than 800 cases per month. 74.21% of these cases are pregnant women between 20-37 years old. 19.17% are women aged 35 and up. 5.07% are under 20 years old”. 7 of the 37 deaths of pregnant women are in Bangkok while 30 are in other provinces. 16 died before giving birth and 16 died after giving birth. Out of the 16 newborns, 6 tested negative, 2 tested positive, and 5 did not survive.



FB Caption: 20 newborns and 37 pregnant women deaths related to Covid-19 


Source: Khaosod